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Life Experience College Degrees.  Our purpose.

DegreeMajor is a firm believer in individual recognition for all. Beyond traditional brick-and-mortar learning.

Our Purpose

To recognize life experience, and reward those experiences through  life-work experience degrees, To provide a diverse range of majors in virtually every aspect of life. Knowledge, from our point of view, has no boundaries or limits

Exclusive Affiliations

We have exclusive affiliations with Colleges and Universities, with professional names, that maintain private accreditation. Only with DegreeMajor will you find this list of Colleges and Universities.

100% Quality

Raised ink thermography printing. Official anti-copy paper. Second-to-none quality service. Unlike our competitors, we go the extra mile for document authenticity and customer satisfaction.

We offer more life experience degree programs.

About Us

Life Experience MBA

Why choose DegreeMajor, for your College Degree?

DegreeMajor is here for your success, We are affordable, and the most authentic on the web.

Did you know?

In 1834 the University of London became the very first institution of higher learning to offer degrees that did not require classroom attendance. Today that same concept is called Nontraditional Education.

More and more facilities recognize the value of life experience. Some employers even offer  assistance to their employees. Why? Because employers know there is no substitute for experience. We realize many are limiting their personal and professional growth, and use programs like ours to solidify a strong foundation for future goals.

Work Life Experience Degrees

Many find they already have enough credits for their Degree. The  vast areas of life experiences and  accomplishments that qualify for credit are many and  varied: Classes,  workshops, seminars,military training,  volunteerism, independent reading and religious study/participation.We were developed to meet the needs of people in today’s fast paced society, by offering affordable, innovative, and accelerated non-residential degree programs across several disciplines on an international basis. We also found it essential to offer more than one college choice so that we could match students to the best possible school for both their skill set and their chosen degree program. Real, Online Life Experience Degree Programs. in 10 Days.


Awards you scores for the subjects

that fall under your field of study on your transcripts. In other words all the transcripts offered here bear subject-wise scores, which is an important feature of a traditional transcript. We provide  Core courses, major classes and electives by the term or semester.



Do not give scores on transcripts and just state “Pass” which does not clarify the particular subject in which you excel. All Classes listed for every major is the same. Transcripts are usually from a template used over and over.


Every University provides address and Phone and/or Fax Number on all transcripts with additional pertinent information on the back of the transcript.

No Phone, no address,  usually a simple email address is all that is used. A virtual address may be noted as most other programs are located in the middle east.

Grants original degrees printed on traditional degree paper, digital professional print with Embossed Seal of the University which identifies it as an Authentic degree. Transcripts are on Official Anti-Copy Paper with watermarks and other University security Features.

Provide degrees on copy paper, usually uses sticker generic seals Inkjet printed. Transcripts are on Non Official regular paper from a template with simple Pass/Fail Marks. No GPA legend and no Registrar verification information.




Delivers complete degree package through FREE shipping, Priority with tracking is standard. With our program every College or University that approves you is available to you, YOU CHOOSE YOUR SCHOOL.

Charges for shipping are applied, in some cases a handling fee as well. Shipping is slow as it ships from overseas. usually Portugal or UAE. You choose from only one school. The one school will usually have  bad press online as they have no online privacy or security.





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