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Do you possess a minimum of 4-6 years of work or life experience relevant to your desired major?

Additionally, the following experience will be considered. Prior job experience in specific fields, Military training, Previous instructive accomplishments, Professional/ Corporate Trainings/Certifications, Participation in organizations, both professional and nonprofessional, Personal goals, lifestyle, hobbies and traveling, Participation in Volunteer activities and Community Service,  Independent reading, viewing, listening or writing, Independent Research Project/ Self-administered Study.

There is no mention of Life Experience on your Masters University documents. Realism: Raised ink degree printing, embossed gold foil seal, official anti-copy University transcripts and much more.


We have simplified the online life experience degree process. 1: Submit your enrollment form, including all life experience, work skills & education.  2: We will forward your form to our exclusive network of Universities.  3: Within 24 hours, we will send you the names/websites of each University that has accepted your experience, and grant your degree package. 4: You choose which College or University to receive your degree package from.

Life Experience Masters Degree

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I didn't expect my graduate-MBA degree and transcripts to look like this. You have exceeded my expectations. I ordered from another company and received basically copy paper with a sticker. Excellent work DegreeMajor. My colleagues are jealous.

Michael V. Miami, FL.

Life Experience MBA
Accredited Master Degree programs for experience

You Choose your University. offers many benefits of  non-traditional  degree programs, such as self satisfaction for all that you have learned. In addition, many use their degree's to:


•    Bring a sense of accomplishment

•    Secure positions in various fields

•    Solidify a foundation for future goals

•    Start your own company and more…

work experience degree accredited Masters

Empower Yourself today.

Life Experience Master's degrees. The standard of professionalism. A traditional Masters degree takes four to six years of study with costs upward of $100,000. Put your past education and present skills, experience and knowledge to work for you. From Master of Business Administration, to Master of Theology, DegreeMajor can help you propel.

MBA, MA. MS. Available.

Your College or University features:  No Bad Press Online • Full Professional Services • Professionally Produced Documents • Full private Accreditation • No Books, No Tests, No classroom attendance. Accredited Work Experience graduate Degrees.

You will receive a minimum of 2 University choices based on your experience & the major you select.

Top Life Experience Online Masters degree Majors for 2016

MBA, MA, MS degree based on work experience

Many more majors located on the Masters Degree enrollment form


Business Management

Computer Science


• Operations Management

•  Information Systems

•  Information Technology

•  Information Security

•  International Business



•  Liberal Arts

•  Marketing & Commerce

•  Project Management

•  Religious Studies

Get a Masters degree based on experience fast

The Online Life Experience Masters Degree Program allows professionals and working adults like you to get your accredited graduate Degree based on all things learned and present skills and study. There are no Admissions Exams, no attending classes. has been ranked number one for customer satisfaction when it comes to quality of documents, service and price.

Graduate degrees are generally: Master of Arts, Master of Science, MBA, Master's of Theology.

Is this for real?

DegreeMajor is as real as life-experience, work experience degrees get. We're ranked second to none for authentic documents. With an exclusive, full privately accredited network of Universities you wont find anywhere else on the planet. Masters accredited degrees.

What's in my Degree Package?

Welcome letter from the President, University ID card. Your Masters College Degree with Raised-embossed gold seal. 1 Padded leatherette degree holder with inside silk. 4 Official Transcripts (2 sealed, 2 unsealed) printed on University grade anti-copy paper. 1 Award of Academic Excellence, 2 letters of Verification, Lifetime professional services.

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Earn your Master degree online, based on what you already know. Empower your self esteem. Propel yourself toward something new. Click below, fill out the Masters enrollment form. You will hear from degreemajor within 24 hours. Guaranteed.

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Accredited Masters degrees, based on life experience. MBA, MA. MS degrees for work skills



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